Tailor-made Solution for Rural Borders in South-East Asia


A very large and populated Asian country, with numerous islands, approached Trinity Group to help solve their border problem: There are too many rural segments of border, and manning them is close impossible.

They require a technological solution to maintain the rural borders, in a reliable and effective way.


Topography of some places was a real challenge. From mountains, through thick forests and abundance of rivers, to islands and planes.

There was also very little to no electrical and communication infrastructure to support, and even roads were scattered and few.


We integrated Energy, Communication and Observation technologies, to come up with a tailored solution we call OTHT – a Self-Sustained Hybrid Trailer, with a Mast that can carry various Observation means (IR \ NV \ Thermal \ EO) and Microphones & Loudspeakers, and is equipped with several Communication options to connect to the Command & Control (that can even be in another country).

The OTHT is equipped with Solar panels, backed-up by an internal Diesel generator, charging its deep-charge power-bank, thus can self-sustain for months, depending on sun-time availability.

When located strategically, an array of such trailers provides the client with eyes & ears (and "mouth”) in rural places, allowing the client to keep long borders with minimum manpower and from-afar, overcoming the different challenges the specific scenario opposed.

  • Dozens of OTHT trailers deployed successfully
  • Hundreds of km of borders are now covered
  • Client is highly satisfied, with performance exceeding his expectations