Utilizing experience and Network in fighting the Global Pandemic


When the world was struck with the Covid-19 pandemic, chaos was the main force. Throughout the continents governments and companies were looking for protective items, all desperate for urgent deliveries causing prices to go through the roof.

As an established and reliable supplier, many turned to Trinity Group for help in sourcing and supplying tangible goods in those hectic times.

One of these requesters was a very wealthy figure, who decided to donate some 60 Tons of protective gear to UK hospitals.


The client was looking for large quantities of different items, all to stand EU standards, of highest quality and of course in short delivery time.

At the same time, the market was in complete chaos, with prices changing by the hour, and most of all – hundreds of fake factories and hoax suppliers swamped the market.


We have decades of experience in procurement in the far-east - China in particular, including a local office. We used our expertise to source legit factories, with emphasis on proven track-record of exporting to EU and US markets.

We placed the orders and maintained quality-control from-a-far, under the circumstances, bringing dozens of Tons of equipment to the airport in a very few weeks.

We proved again that we can flourish under pressure as well.

  • Hundreds of thousands of Coveralls, Masks, Visors and more supplied to front-line doctors and teams
  • Lives protected and Health kept
  • Quality assured; Time-frame kept; Mission Accomplished