Helping successful transition of regime by building a professional presidential guard


When the regime in an African country evolved to modern presidency, there was a need to build new security forces, to dispose of any old loyalties other than the country and state.

One of the main needs was an elite force to protect the presidency, thus ensuring stability and prosperity.


As most of local experienced personnel were too active with old regime, a whole new force had to be built from start – planning and implementing of all stages: locating candidates, training, equipping, escorting through transition and more.

All this in a semi-stable environment, with delicate political atmosphere and big cultural differences.


We conducted a survey of the current conditions and possible future risks and threats. We then used experience and knowledge to build a comprehensive plan for locating candidates for the course, training and implementing advanced VIP protection and elite-units methodology & routine.

We equipped the new force with personal gear and unit-level equipment, both for the training phase and the successful carrying of their mission in day-to-day routine.

  • More than 300 personnel successfully finished the training and formed the new Presidential Guard
  • After less than a year, the Guard is completely integrated in the country's security forces
  • An elite force helps maintain stability and prosperity in a developing country