TriniCivil provides planning and support across every field of civil Infrastructure. The company's expertise spans across all main civil infrastructures domains and offers its clients vast know-how and hands-on experience from professionals at their respective fields.
The company provides services to agricultural, electricity, communication, medical and transportation infrastructures. 
TriniCivil offers consultation, planning, implementation, integration and after-sale support to its clients. In addition, the company supports its client in getting financing solutions for large projects. 


  • Power Plants - Renewable energy, High-Efficiency Power generation                           
  • Advanced Self-Sustained Hybrid Power Source (Mobile)                                             
  • Agriculture - leveraging advanced solutions and modernization to provide food-security
  • State Infrastructure – Communication, Transportation and Sustainability                    
  • Field Hospital for rapid deployment                                                                         
  • Covid-19 and Public Safety                                                                                      
  • Positive \ Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms                                                           
  • Skin Temperature Measurement System - Dual-Head, Optical & Thermal, Data-Base connected