TriniSystems specializes in supply of weapons & weapon systems, full range of munitions and ammunitions in small, medium and large caliber, production and delivery of small arms, mortars and electro-optics for Land, Naval and Aerial platforms and systems. 
The company's expertise ranges from project management, procurement and logistic services with vast experience in the delivery of goods and providing the whole value chain around the globe for more than a decade.

The company offers its clients a wide range of commodities, all extending from off-the-shelf products to custom-made solutions, all designed to perfectly fit the requirements of our clients.  


  • Professional Platforms- Aerial / Naval / Land Systems
  • Weapon Systems - Aerial / Naval / Land Systems
  • Small Caliber Munitions
  • Medium Caliber Ammunitions
  • Large Caliber Ammunitions
  • Small Arms
  • Loitering Munitions
  • Night Vision Systems