TriniTech is an innovative technological systems developer and producer, specializing in design and integration of Advanced Technologies like LTE, self-sustained communication and force-awareness systems for field operatives, Command & Control systems for decision makers and first responders for HLS, law enforcement and defense forces.
TriniTech is composed of leading highly-experienced skilled professionals, offering vast knowledge and experience in the technological domains. We take pride in our creative thinking and the capability to find the best technological solutions, no matter how challenging the situation is. 

TriniTech is serving as the first line of defense for its clients in terms of Cyber security. the company offers elaborate support in terms of assembly, installation, integration and support of complex Cyber technologies.


  • OTHT – Over-The-Horizon-Trailer - self-sustained, remotely controlled observation and intelligence platform
  • OFF-GRID - off grid 4G Communication platform                                                             
  • MESH Communication Systems                                                                                      
  • Interception Systems
  • C2/C4/C4I Systems                                                                        
  • Multi Sensor Management System (Tactical C2)                                                              
  • Assemble, integration, training and support for Cyber security solutions                                           
  • Cyber: Tactical \ Strategic Interception                                                                           
  • National Cyber Academy