Fully equipping a Peacekeeping Mission in Africa, approx 1,500 pax


A Western-African country won a UN wet-lease contract to deploy a Peacekeeping Mission in a neighboring country.

The mission was to be comprised of 3 forces, each in its own base, totaling almost 1,500 soldiers. Each base had to be built from scratch, with the final outcome being a fully operational base to provide everything to the peacekeepers – from accommodation and dining, through health services and personal care, to logistic and technical support.


The UN has clear requirements as to what facilities the peacekeepers must receive, which training they must undergo, what personal gear they must have, which vehicles are needed and more.

There could be gaps, cultural or others, that need to be bridged.
It is also a large-scale project in the Logistic aspect, with hundreds of containers of equipment to be purchased and mobilized.


First, detailed lists of requirements and items were built. Then started the sourcing phase until all was populated to the client satisfaction.

When the procurement stage started, we already had an eye forward to the logistic challenge, and we had to coordinate and control numerous manufacturers and suppliers.

We established a dedicated logistic center, where hundreds of trucks offloaded thousands of packages before loading into containers and preparing for the trip to destination.

  • All goods successfully passed both internal QA as well as external Inspection
  • Project completed with full satisfaction, meeting and exceeding demands
  • Peacekeeping Forces successfully deployed, lives protected and Mission Accomplished