TD group is a prime contractor and integrator working in collaboration with global governments and other intergovernmental organisations such as the United Nations to provide coordinated and effective solutions to international emergencies. Through its supply of various innovative solutions and advanced technologies, TD Group is an international driving force, providing contingency planning, disaster mitigation and protection.

Having supported both UN and global government operations to harness the spread of past worldwide pandemics such as Ebola and SARS, TD Group have the extensive experience necessary to assist multinational agencies and governments in their efforts to gain greater control over the current Corona Virus pandemic. We are in the position to support global procurement and logistic support through field proven solutions for the allocating, quarantining and treatment of COVID-19 infected patients.

TD Group will provide clients with sophisticated, state of the art thermal camera posts to track those within the general population who are showing signs of increased body temperature. Dedicated IsoT tents, positive and negative pressure isolation chambers and negative pressure stretchers can be supplied for the mobilisation and treatment of patients carrying or suspected of carrying the COVID-19 virus. TD Group can equip clients with fully quarantined, self sustained hospital quarters for the treatment of patients diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus as well as all related apparatus including face masks, protective clothing and visors.





Viral Isolation Hospitalization 



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