Surveying and Upgrading the Security array of the country's international airports


A leading Eastern-African country has come to the understanding that an upgrade the security array of its 3 international airports is essential.

The requirement was to conduct the survey of the existing situation, plan & design the future set-up based on modern needs and threats, then lead and manage the implementation of the plan.


Aside from cultural differences, there were local laws, rules and legislation to study and take into consideration, especially in cases where gaps in legislation could affect the disciplines and equipment allowed.

The country is located in proximity to potential extreme threats, the existing set-up was outdated, and education was required on all sides.


We built a team of top-professionals with relevant rich experience and spent effective time on the ground to thoroughly survey the 3 airports, as well as learnt the specifics of local threats, with an outcome of a comprehensive report presenting the current situation, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, threats and recommendations.

Next phase had our team building the comprehensive solution for each airport, each to its requirements and all together as a whole. We planned the budget, considering local costs, international technologies, professional equipment and of course training of personnel to run the everyday operation.

After plans and budgets were approved, our fulfillment team is mobilized to coordinate the implementation of this project.

  • Reports and Plans approved by UN, leading to UN FINANCING the project
  • Country receives modern and advanced security for its international airports
  • People are protected, interests are kept and security is implemented